As a Cornish Soap Company - What We Do

People often struggle to find ways to treat themselves or the people they care about. The Little Soap Shed creates hand made bath and body products so that you can enjoy a touch of luxury every day.
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You deserve a treat ...

Do you sometimes feel you are missing a touch of luxury in your life?
Do you sometimes feel that the gifts that you buy for the people you care about are just a bit ordinary?
Do you ever feel guilty if you treat yourself?
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You shouldn't ever have to feel this way and we are here to help!

When you buy one of our products this is what you get ...

  • A top quality product that has been tested and checked to guarantee great value
  • A little bit of luxury for you or someone you care about
  • A hand crafted product from Cornwall made in a small batch
  • A design unique to The Little Soap Shed
  • A product with practical value
  • A cosmetic product that has been analysed by professionals so you now it's safe to use
  • A product that has been comprehensively labelled to give you all the information you need
  • An understanding that you are supporting a small business

This is what our customers think ...

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I had bought products from The lIttle Soap Shed before as gifts for other people. This time I treated myself to some body scrubs - they left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I was very impressed - a lovely treat.

It's also a great feeling to buy products from a family run business.

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We know how it feels to worry if you are doing the best thing ...

When we began this business we often wondered if we should stick to our passion for providing the best possible quality for our customers - or maybe take an easier and less expensive option.

We decided to always do the best for our customers first and foremost - but we know how it feels to worry about whether we were making a mistake.

After five years in business we have helped hundreds of customers to enjoy a little bit of Cornish luxury as a special treat.

We know that we can help you to find the shower time experience that you love or the special gift that tells someone that you care about them.

You will be sure that you have made a good decision to either treat yourself or someone you care about because you have combined a luxury experience with a practical need.

When you're ready just ...

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and enjoy
your treat

Your journey with us ...

At The little Soap Shed we believe that you just want to enjoy a little bit of luxury. You want to be able to give the people that you care about a special treat that stands out from the ordinary. You need something that is a luxury product and that is high quality and versatile.

But you worry that you shouldn't be indulgent and you feel a bit guilty whenever you think about treating yourself or others.

We can help you find something unique from Cornwall that serves a practical purpose while still being a high quality and great value luxury treat. We understand that everyone deserves to be able to have something to enjoy in their life.

So we make it really simple for you.

All you need to do is - browse our online shop - checkout your cart - relax and enjoy. It's as simple as that.

Your treats will arrive in the post and you will be able to enjoy a little bit of Cornish luxury with the knowledge that you are putting it to a practical use as well.